Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Top 10 reasons to be a Shelf Reliance Consultant!

I often have people ask me the benefits of being a Shelf Reliance consultant and i often get tongue-tied. there are just so many. i feel lucky everyday that i took this opportunity when it came to me. so today, I'm sharing with you...My Top 10 reasons to be a Shelf Reliance Consultant! 

10. Kits are on sale! Now until September 14th all the Shelf Reliance consultant kits are 20% off. This is an amazing value of food and supplies to get started Today! in no other business have i ever seen a start up cost as low as this...with the benefits and the potential as HUGE as Shelf Reliance!

9. Helping others get prepared! How fun it is for me to know that i can make money and get my family prepared. but that i can also, help others get their families prepared, and help them earn money is so rewarding. i love hearing others tell me a "weight has been lifted" and that it was so simple! it's true, it's simple! and we can help!

8. No sales requirements or quotas! You decide what your goals are, and how far you want to take your business! You don't have to have any inventory, as every shipment is sent directly to the customer. So you can really work your business when and if you choose.

7. Thriving Nations! Shelf Reliance donates 5% of all profits to the charity, Thriving Nations. my husband and i always said that we wanted to "give back" in some way. but found it hard to do while raising a young family. after we traveled to Ghana Africa together, we felt an even stronger desire to help these countries become more self-reliant. when i found out that Shelf Reliance does this very sealed the deal for me! i love being a part of a company that understands the importance of giving back and does so consistently!

6. The Quality! You get to share a quality product with others that is a need. we all need food, and will continue to need nutritional food as long as we live! helping others see the benefits to having food on hand in your home, cutting costs at the grocery store and creating a self reliant environment has been such a joy for me. You get to work with a quality company! Though you are your own business owner, the company is always there to lead support, advice, and guidance as you build your business!

5. Commission! You get paid just for helping others build their Home Store and emergency supplies! Your earning potential is endless with the business. Shelf Reliance has made it possible to grow this into your personal idea of success. from $500 a month to a 3-5 year plan to's ALL POSSIBLE!

4. Thriving Lifestyle! I have been so impressed at what this business has done for my family. we have more time, more adventures, and more opportunities in this last year than we ever thought possible! Our family feels secure, safe and prepared for whatever may lie ahead...and in the mean time we have a lot of FUN!

3. The Q! The Q sets us apart from any other food storage company. we have high-quality, nutrient-rich products...and now a way for families to get it in their home. The Q allows families to reallocate money from their personal food budget to an auto-ship program. It's creates a plan that is just right for your families dietary needs, and then ships the food to you each month! getting groceries to your door....Yes, Please!! I started this plan one year ago and have loved it ever since. how would i have even been able to get a one year supply of food before the Q??? it use to seem impossible. the Q makes it stress-free, simple, and efficient! i love the Q! So why is the Q so great for Consultants?? it creates RESIDUAL INCOME! that means you get paid continually for the same sale! How cool is that?!

2. Host Benefits! as a consultant you can earn all the same host benefits that we offer our Hosts too! that means aside from your commission, you'll get FREE and Half Off items TOO!! I have earned food, shelving, sleeping bags, 72 hour kits, first aid kits, emergency supplies, water filtration, and so much more with my Host Benefits...and it was ALL FREE!!! the generosity of Shelf Reliance with the Host Benefits alone, is worth being a consultant!

1. Getting our own family prepared! My husband and I had heard it all before..."get your families prepared." and we knew that it would someday be something we would look into, and do. but lets be honest...first, i never really wanted to spend money of food that i didn't think tasted good. two, i had no idea what we would really need it for, and three, we figured we'd have to wait till we were done with school, done with raising a family, and had some extra cash floating around. Now i have seen that this is so much easier than i ever though...and just as vital as we had been told! our family has now taken the simple steps to work toward our emergency goals. we have felt tremendously blessed, and feel no fear in what may lie in our future. it is never to late or to early to start building a Home Store for your family!

oh...and one's FUN! 

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Marci Pratt

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Winner Winner!

WOW! I just won an ALL INCLUSIVE trip to Costa Rica!! This is just how cool this business is! I will be celebrating my 1 year anniversary as a Shelf Reliance consultant. can you believe it? after only one year (October 1st) of working this business from home, I have earned a spot in the top 25 of this International company. I'm #23 to be exact. My husband and I will be going on this trip together...FREE airfaire, free hotel, free food, free excursions, free transportation!! This will be the BEST TRIP EVER!! (can you tell how excited I am?) 

That is what I love about Shelf Reliance! While this contest was running, I didn't really do anything different. and just by simply running my business...i won! I still got paid commission during this, I even earned a LOT of free product! (cause that just comes with the job) I guess they just decided to be extra generous and give a HUGE gift too! I am so dang thankful for this job. We feel so blessed to have found it, and that we jumped in for this opportunity!!

Costa Rica.....Here we come! 

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