Thursday, January 26, 2012

GO Convention!

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sunday, January 15, 2012


so, how are those new years' resolutions going??
it seems to me that in year's past, i have set wonderful goals.
all of which lastest a couple weeks.

eat better.
save more money.
get prepared financially and physically for a rainy day.
waste less.
give to charity.

but soon, i was back to daily routines and my goals slowly became daydreams.

"vision without ACTION is daydreaming"

now things are different.
i have had a fabulous few months!
and i can honestly say, my new years resolutions
(that were actually set October 1st)
are happening.
they're all the same.

i'm eating better
{and so is my family!}
i'm saving LOTS more!
i have a wonderful food supply in my pantry that we LOVE eating!
i rarely throw away food.
and i give monthly to a charity,

the greatest part....
helping others do the same!

If you are interested in making money, eating right, saving money, and helping others..

we NEED consultants. Shelf Reliance is a ground-floor business and the opportunity is available for you to make $$ and food!

Friday, January 13, 2012

oh the possibilites....

check out the New Products.
I am SO excited!!

click here to see the new products for 2012!

any one else dying to try the Cherry Yogurt Parfait?

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


we love smoothies at our house.
who doesn't?

so every time i make them i have these
great intentions of pouring them in one of our finest glasses,
making sure the light is just right,
perhaps adding a garnish,
and snapping a great photo for ya'll.

we just eat it way to fast!
and it never happens.

this time, while i could hear the family going after seconds and thirds
i called down...

"hey babe, i wanted to take a picture before you drink it all"
and heard......"don't worry, i will."

and now that the blender has practically been licked clean,
this is all i have to show for our wonderful dessert tonight.

i guess it just goes to show how yummy it really is.

the recipe.....well it's truly whatever you want to make it.
this time is was
THRIVE strawberries
THRIVE banana slices
THRIVE instant milk (prepared)
and a smoothie packet i found at the grocery store for 57 cents.
(of course, we've made plenty without the packet and they're just as good!)

more variations:
try THRIVE mangos,
THRIVE berries (any of them)
oh, and THRIVE yogurt is de-lish in these!

*you don't have to rehydrate any of these items, the milk and ice do it for you!

quickest dessert you'll ever make.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012


we had a great Christmas break.
took the kiddos on a little vacation to Sea World.

(isn't sea world the best?)

now we're back!

and we have had some fabulous pizza.
check it out.

rhodes frozen bread dough for the crust
pizza sauce
THRIVE mushrooms
and tomatoes


the family favorite at our house is always BBQ chicken.
so we gave it a shot.

rhodes frozen bread dough
sweet kisses BBQ sauce
THRIVE chopped cooked chicken
THRIVE onions
THRIVE mushrooms

mmmm! so gooood!

bake both at 375* for about 15 minutes or until golden brown.